AppKiosk Builder

Create beautiful, cross-platform mobile apps with ZERO coding and technical knowledge. AppKiosk easily turns your ideas into reality with tools and features that anyone from any background can use.

Exceptional features, Impressive results

A mobile experience your customers will love. An intuitive design that allows anyone to create a stunning app, end users will love. 

Content Management System

Manage the look and feel or your app with our easy to use content management system (C.M.S).

Loyalty Cards

Reward your best customers to increase repeat visits and lifelong loyalty.

Social Gaming

Challenge your clients and improve their purchase frequency

News/Social Wall

Share all your latest news with your clients and get their feedback and suggestions.


Integrate with third-party services to streamline your processes.


AppKiosk CMS has analytics give you the insight to help you create the best user experience on your app.


Send messages directly to your clients' mobile devices. You can easily target your clients. It’s simple and unlimited.


Get your sales rolling with simple, fully configurable discounts.

Mobile Ordering

Allow customers to place orders from their phones and increase revenue.

100s of Features

Choose from the large selection of latest pre-made feature blocks - , templates, layouts, colors and much much more


AppKiosk allows you to create your iOS or Android app, publish it to app stores and make it available for your clients within hours!

No Coding Required

Making a website or mobile app has never been easier. Build your Android or Apple apps on your own, no developer, no coding skills. Just you, your idea and the AppKiosk app builder platform. In 5 simple steps you are ready to have your app online.

Easy To Use

There's no need to start from scratch! We let you add your content and choose from our wide selection of design themes and templates. Add pages, posts, photos, products and videos in a simple and quick manner.


Create your app or website FREE and pay only when you publish. AppKiosk platform has all you require to make up an app. Our customers enjoy the best features and quicker idea - launch times.

Do It Yourself

AppKiosk allows you as a Business owner to transfer your vision into your website or mobile application. We also have experts on hand to assist you should you need help or want us to do the whole project for you.

Happy Customers
Apps Created
Happy Resellers

Start or Grow Your Own Business with AppKiosk

Earn online income by registering as a reseller or partnering with AppKiosk. Complement your ad agency or graphic design business with mobile app services for your clients 


Let real testimonials do the speaking! Pick the best and display them in this section.

“Its very amazing service, I am an entrepreneur and I managed to create a mobile app for my project without hiring a developer. thanks again for this great tool”
Nadine Berger
Fashion Designer
If you are looking for some awesome, knowledgeable people to work with, these are the guys I highly recommend. Their friendliness and result-driven approach are what I love about them.
Pascal Haas
I was skeptical at first but, it has simple and clear features. We have adopted AppKiosk as our partner and added new revenue streams to our business doing websites and mobile apps for our clients.
Robert Baratheon
First of all, hats off to you guys for this tool. Great work AppKiosk. I was able to put my idea exactly and create a mobile app. We've gone live and customers are loving the fun features. I definitely recommend AppKiosk to anyone who wants websites or mobile apps
Pamela Starker

Questions & Answers

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AppKiosk, is a Do It Yourself platform that will save you thousands in costs for development of websites, mobile apps and logos. 

AppKiosk allows you to make cross-platform applications. This means you only make your app once and your app can be used in all phone including Adroid, Apple and any other brands. 

You are free to use our accounts for you app however, for Apple we’ll charge you a fee for using our account.