Premium Features

See some of the exciting features you can have on your mobile application.

Premium App Features

In-App Ads

Generate ad revenue from your app.

Referral/ Invite a Friend

Reward customers that give you referrals


Create a ride hailing mobile app like Uber.


Receive donations on your app through user friendly payment gateways such as PayNow, Paypal, Stripe and

Loyalty Program

Reward your customers for continued business.

Scratch Cards

Increase brand awareness with scratch cards and give random rewards.

Push Notifications

Send location triggered messages at anytime.


Create quizzes for your users and add as many as you want in your apps. Define and award grades to your users

Private Inbox

Send personalized messages to customers

Real-time Chat

Let users interact with each other and your brand through the chat.


Add classifieds section to your app.


Create a survey model and publish it with logical triggers to show different questions depending on previous answers